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Welcome - By Director



Welcome to the official website for Beacon Private School (BPS), where you will find all the needed information about our school. I would like to present BPS as a 21st century and state-of-the-art school in Bahrain. BPS is structured in a functional and attractive design to accommodate the most recent approaches in education.

Upon entering the BPS campus, you will be impressed with its architectural set up and amicable location. From the Early Childhood and Kindergarten facilities to the main Elementary School building, you will experience the high quality and flexible design of the school. The school areas are spacious and provide learners with opportunities for collaboration, learning and socializing, which are manifested in the classrooms, common areas and indoor gardens.

We chose to be different in our approach to teaching and learning, so we opted for implementing the Common Ground Collaborative system as the framework for our academic programs. I hope that by viewing the website you will gain more insight into what BPS stands for and the environment in which teaching and learning take place. 

Obviously, our learners are the heart of BPS. We strongly believe that our learners have a voice and that their voice will be heard. We believe that learners have their unique ways of learning and that each one of our learners has the right to get the education which matches his/her diverse learning style and academic growth. Granted that the educational aspect at BPS is of paramount priority, we are also determined to give our learners rich and varied experiences, making their time at BPS a transformational and life-changing experience.

I am thrilled, in our second year, with the vast possibilities we have for our community in Bahrain, and those possibilities that we accomplish in the future. I would like you to join us at BPS for together, we will touch the future!

Ghada Bou Zeineddine,

Founding Director



Ghada Bouzeineddine

Founding Director