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Welcome - By Principal



I would like to start by welcoming you as new or returning parents to our website.

Joining BPS last year has given me the opportunity and challenges in guiding a school that wants to make a difference in Bahrain. The set up of the school and working with the Common Ground Collaborative allows me to build on my experience and my evolving ideas about education and the directions it should take.

The first year of BPS, school year 2018 – 2018, has marked indeed a difference in Bahrain education. We brought a new and fresh approach unlike other schools and hopefully this is one of the reasons why you brought your child(ren) to BPS. In general, education is not evolving very fast but we hope to make a difference and give our learners opportunities that will be live changing and actually prepare them for their future. A fact is that the world is changing rapidly and we can’t predict the future. Therefore it is our duty to develop the understanding, competencies and character of our learners that will allow them to shape their future and all that comes with it.

Throughout our curricula we use inquiry-based modules, which enable learners to see the necessary conceptual and contextual connections between subjects and the real world. We value learner’s voice and choice in order to plan meaningful learning engagements.

Collaboration is key, for our staff in developing an interesting and engaging curriculum, for our learners to work and learn together but also with our community. Part of our curriculum is inviting guest speakers from our community to talk about their life and work experiences. You as parents are an important part of our community and therefore very much welcome in our classrooms.

Ate Hemmes



Ate Hemmes

Elementary School Principal