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Welcome - By Principal

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After two years of preparations and construction, I’m pleased and excited to welcome you to Beacon Private School.

A lot of hard working people have been working together to finalize BPS and secure the opening in August 2018. It is exciting to walk around in the beautiful architecture that makes BPS stand out in the Hidd area. The Pre-School building with its colorful common playground area and interactive classrooms, the spacious Elementary School with hardly any straight angles but with a playful layout of classrooms and wide corridors.

Beacon Private School wants to offer a different education in Bahrain with an engaging curriculum based on the Common Ground Collaborative approach. With the best practices in mind, we focus on touching the future for our students by exploring and implementing new ideas that supports the best international education possible.

The Common Ground Collaborative has a simple mission: “We are born to learn, it’s what defines our species. Everybody can learn if we provide the right conditions”.  In this way we are committed to help each and every student to embrace learning and become Independent Learners and Global Citizens. At BPS we allow children to be individuals, have a voice and provide them with the necessary strategies and support, to reach their own personal potential. Their future lies in a global world for which we need to prepare them in the best way possible, building their competencies and character.

Our website will provide you with more insight as to what BPS is about. With BPS being a new school, the website will gradually grow and more information as well as examples of student work will be added as the school progresses. A school only exists because of the children; they have a voice and will be listened to.

I’m more than excited and privileged to be part of Beacon Private School at its very beginning. We all welcome you to be part of our journey to “Touch the Future”!

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