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Senior School Facilities


A Special Middle and Secondary 4 - floor building has been designed but not built yet. It is planned to be available for the 2021 -  2022 school year, along with a Multipurpose Building.

Inline with the Elementary School building, the Middle / Secondary building will include : 

  • The same bright, spacious and colorful classrooms, Social commons and Learning commons.
  • Specialist classrooms for Art, Music and Drama.
  • Specialist ICT Centers, and 13 science and technology laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Food Technology, Design Technology, Electronics and Robotics).
  • A spacious library with multilingual collection of print and digital resources.
  • A powerful network that covers all campus areas.

The Multi - purpose building offers facilities including :

  • 2 basketball courts, that provide for volleyball and other games.
  • 2 swimming pools (25 m long for the Middle and 20 long for the Elementary students).
  • 4 Athletics Rooms
  • A canteen

Outdoor facilities include a half size soccer field.