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Character Learning


Character learning is happening when learners are considering the true potential impact of applying dispositions and values and actively reflecting on their actions.

At Beacon Private School we believe that students become confident independent learners and positive role models through the development of the following character qualities:



At Beacon Private School learners are:

  • Principled
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy


At Beacon Private School learners:

  • Persevere through difficulties
  • Learn from failures and mistakes by identifying strategies for success
  • Set effective time-bound goals


At Beacon Private School learners are:

  • Think before acting
  • ‘Blink’ and make adjustments
  • Improve on future performance


At Beacon Private School learners can:

  • Understand and share in the feelings of another
  • Understand and respond sensitively to what others are experiencing
  • Consider the impact of a decision or action on others


At Beacon Private School learners are:

  • Have fun
  • Wonder ‘what if’
  • Are motivated
  • Are creative