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Curriculum Overview

At BPS we define learning as a process that leads to a sustained and demonstrable consolidation or extension of conceptual understanding, competencies and character. These types of learning interact and form the ‘triple helix’, the DNA of the curriculum. The whole program at our school balances the development of the concepts, skills and character. Guided inquiry, collaboration and communication are the approaches to teaching and learning that requires learners to engage in higher level thinking and problem solving as well as subject competences. The BPS curriculum is built on rich varied experiences in a safe, supportive and loving environment that encourages social emotional growth and enhances development of cognitive, perceptual and physical skills of the learner.

Conceptual Learning

Learners are "critical thinkers 'experts" in working with significant ideas. They will be able to:

  • Identify issues.
  • Frame conceptual questions.
  • Gather and analyze information.
  • Form hypotheses.
  • Test and modify these hypotheses.

Competency Learning

Learners are "experts" in the application of the key skills necessary for success. They will be able to:

  • Direct their own guided inquiry processes.
  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently in diverse contexts.
  • Use language fluently and precisely for a range of purposes.

Character Learning

Learners are "positive experts" in dealing with human relationships in specific authentic context. They will be consistently exhibiting positive learning dispositions and core personal values:

  • Principled (Integrity, Honesty, Trust)
  • Resilience (Perseverance)
  • Reflective (Self- Awareness)
  • Empathy (Caring, Service)
  • Playfulness (Intrinsic Motivation)



EC & Elementary Curriculum

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Middle School Curriculum

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Secondary School Curriculum

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