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Learning Leaders


The Character and Competencies of BPS teachers


At Beacon Private School teachers:

  • Care for children
  • Are student centered
  • Welcome change
  • Are open to ideas and different ways of thinking
  • Are resilient in every way
  • Reflect on mistakes and learn from them
  • Approach teaching and learning in a playful way
  • Are experts in their field
  • Use a shared and consistent learning language
  • Have a vision
  • Can multitask
  • Have a deep understanding of teaching and learning
  • Are creative thinkers
  • Go the extra mile
  • Are born to teach (at BPS!)



At Beacon Private School teachers are:

  • Involved and empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Fair
  • Genuinely interested in others
  • Builders of effective learning relationships
  • Role models for good practice
  • Easy-going and confident
  • Good listeners
  • Supportive
  • Positive and have a good sense of humor
  • Perfect colleagues
  • Radiant
  • Part of the community
  • Internationally minded
  • A positive catalyst for change


At Beacon Private School teachers:

  • Work collaboratively
  • Are dedicated to the job
  • Have integrity and are respectful
  • Act in a modest and honest way
  • Welcome new ideas and challenges
  • Are transparent in terms of their actions and motivation
  • Can always be relied upon
  • Take responsibility
  • Are goal setters
  • Get the work done
  • Are willing to work outwith their ‘comfort zone’
  • Set high expectations for themselves and others
  • Meet deadlines
  • Share and actively support the vision and mission of the school
  • Offer help to others
  • Are a stable and positive presence in school
  • Are lifelong learners



Learning Leaders