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Positive Learning Environment


The flexible classrooms and agile furniture elevate learners’ engagement, empower learners’ choice and improve learners’ participation. Learners learn anywhere and everywhere. Flexible classrooms can be easily reconfigured to support learners’ learning.


At BPS, we believe in creating an environment to learners that is conducive to learning.  A positive learning environment is not only the physical setting, but it also embraces how the learner feels and responds to the setting. We believe, based on research, that the physical environment has a strong impact on the development and learning of children. It is the dynamic use of space by teachers and learners. The learning environment we chose and provided for our learners supports the development of their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. 

Our teachers will establish positive learning environments that are caring, supportive, safe, challenging, and academically robust.


Flexible classrooms factors:

·      Naturalness: light and temperature

·      Stimulation: color and visual complexity

·      Individualization: flexible furniture, learning zones and student ownership