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Bahraini Women’s Day

In celebration of Bahraini Women’s Day on 1 December 2020, Bahraini women from the BPS community shared their experiences

Peaceful Parenting Talk

Mrs. Maria Liasides on how to reach inner peace and reflect that on their parenting style.



Our Mission

To positively impact the lives of our learners and make their potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities.

Welcome to Beacon Private School Parents Teachers Learners Association (PTLA)!!!

Our aim is to support our children’s education and experience at Beacon Private School by providing memorable school events, worthwhile fundraisers, social gatherings for parents, learners and teachers alike and strengthen our school’s local community.

As a parent at Beacon School, you are welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings. Parents can get involved and volunteer even if they only have a small amount of time available. Joining the PTLA activities is a good opportunity to: meet other parents, raise funds, support the school, and work together towards a common goal.

Beacon Private School is truly a special place.  We have an amazing community of learners, parents, teachers and staff.  Contributing to the PTLA only enhances and strengthens this relationship. 





Our Values


We will work in partnership with individuals and organizations to enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all learners and their families.


We are dedicated to our learners’ success, health and well-being through strong family and community engagement.


We value the individual contributions of members, volunteers, teachers, and partners as we work collaboratively to achieve our goals.




PTLA Parent Members

Hala Al-Murad

PTLA President

Shahrazad Al-Jallad

PTLA Vice-President, Events Committee Chair

Esmat Ahmed

PTLA Treasurer, Carnival Committee Chair

Maria Cherekhovich

Education Committee Chair




PTLA Teacher Members

Moutee Alhallak

Arabic Teacher




PTLA Learner Members

Balqis Al-Jallad

Learner Member




Hala Al-Murad

PTLA President

A proud mother of three: Khalid (Grade 5), Talia (Grade 3), and Yousif (Grade 1).

Syrian national, born and raised in Saudi, Graduate of American University of Sharjah, and been living in Bahrain for the past 13 years. I love Asian food and love trying out new dishes, but that only gets better with a good company.

I am always busy with several projects at a time, and it becomes more meaningful when it involves making other people’s lives better. I started my business, Muroonah, last year to help women who are on career breaks to restart their careers. I love gardening and reading is my relaxing time at the end of a busy day.

Moving my children to Beacon School has been one of the best choices we have made last year. We have been looking for a place that supports the creativity in them and refines their personalities. I believe in it so much that joining the PTLA was the least I could do to support their mission and uniqueness. With an enthusiastic and creative team, I look forward to being part of Beacon’s growth.

My life motto: Be who you are, not what the world wants you to be.




Shahrazad Al-Jallad

PTLA Vice-President, Events Committee Chair

Four is the number of children I have and I am grateful for every moment I spend with them..Balqis is 15 years ( Grade 9), Malak is 12 years ( Grade 7),Yousif is 10 years ( Grade 4) and Aelia is 5 years ( KG2).

My Name is Shahrazad Aljallad and I am from Tunisia.I have been in Bahrain since 1999 and I don't want to be anywhere else!

All my children were born here in Bahrain. My husband has been in Bahrain since 1997 and he is from Palestine. I hope that through my actions and decisions my children will learn to become better versions of themselves and I truly believe that ,the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

I am grateful to be apart of the P.T.S.A and I would like to take this opportunity to quote Lou this , to me defines the Beacon Private School. 

" Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it "




Esmat Ahmed

PTLA Treasurer, Carnival Committee Chair

I am the proud mother of Raya (Grade 3) and Balqees (Grade 1), both of whom have taught me   that learning is a never ending process and that we are all a work in progress.

Born and raised in Bahrain, I went to Bahrain School, and then to university in the US for six years.  There I embraced my passion for the arts, literature, writing and all forms of storytelling; completing a BA in English and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Boston University. Upon returning to Bahrain, I worked briefly at the Ministry of Information and then the Court of the Crown Prince where I am currently employed and where I met my loving husband.

I believe there is much to gain from the simple pleasures in life.  I enjoy cooking with my family as well as outdoor activities that allow us to keep in touch with nature and stay fit.  As both a chocolate lover and a healthy eater (I try!), I like to spend time with my kids creating and modifying (and tasting!) healthy desserts and snacks.

Beacon school’s philosophy and approach to learning has brought balance and harmony to our life, and I feel confident and secure about my children’s education and future. I decided to join the PTLA to give back to the BPS community and to be more involved in my children’s school activities.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”




Maria Cherekhovich

Education Committee Chair

I was born and raised in Moscow (Russia). 

I finished secondary school, Art school and graduated from the university there with a degree in Economics & Financial management. 

I worked for a major French oil and gas company for many years. First in the Finance department and then in the Contracts department.

I met my beloved husband beyond the Polar circle at the oilfield located in the middle of nowhere, got married and now we raise two wonderful boys - Artemiy (8 y.o., Grade 3) and Daniil (4 y.o., KG1).

When our first son was born, my life turned upside down. I could not even imagine this wonderful feeling. I started studying psychological literature and learning different methods of child development (Shichida Montessori, etc.). This topic fascinated me a lot and helped me discover new aspects of my personality. I successfully applied the acquired knowledge in practice.

I also started forming an extensive children's library. We always read a lot with kids. 

My goal is to show them as much as possible so that in the future they can choose whatever they like. I just want them to be passionate about acquiring new knowledge independently and be able to implement it in real life as nowadays one needs to learn all lifelong. 

Two years ago (in 2018) we moved to Bahrain (thanks to my husband's work). This country became our second home. We like to explore Bahrain and learn more and more aspects of this wonderful and friendly country (places, people, food).

After the move I have more time to dedicate to my family and my hobby.

I've always been passionate about baking and tried to involve children in this process. They always join me with big pleasure. Now my hobby is slowly turning to a small business.

When we moved from Russia, we worried about the education for our children, but once we found Beacon school, we've realized how lucky we're!

I paid a visit to nearly all well-known international schools in Bahrain and always there was something concerning. Until I came to BPS. Nice facilities, open- and warm-hearted people who are obviously in love with what they are doing helped me to make mind immediately.  

I'm so happy to join PTLA as I'd like to be an active member of this wonderful school's community and share my ideas on how to make learning process even more fascinating and enriched with various events.

My mottos: “Do what you Love. Love what you Do” and “Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient”




Born and raised in Athens met the love of my life in the eyes of a Bahraini girl named Dana during my UK university years. Today, fortunate father of two charming kids Zoi (Grade 3) and Georgios (Grade 1), have been living happily in the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain for over 10 years. 

I have a BA in French & Italian and an MA in Diplomacy. I’m a seasoned Marketing and Digital professional within Financial Services and on the side I have a passion for cooking. 

My personal mottos: “Cultural differences simply act as a yarn of curiosity unraveling until we get to the other side.” And “Live life. Learn lessons. Liberate yourself.”

I strongly believe Beacon International School supports and fosters both mottos and couldn’t be prouder and more honored to be part of the PTLA group.




I was born and raised in Bahrain and continued my education with a Bachelors Degree in International Business. In 2011 I moved to Paris to compete my Masters Degree in International Public Affairs and had the most wonderful experience living and studying in Paris. I did my best to fully experience French culture by studying the language and eating everything I could get my hands on!

After moving back I got married and had my daughter Mai (Grade 1) who changed everything. All the joy I had for love and life grew exponentially once I met this little girl who made me fall in love all over again and gave me a new perspective on life (a mothers perspective). 

Since then I have been fascinated by children, parenting, education and their importance in raising active, responsible and consious young leaders who will shape our future. I then got the wonderful opportunity to work at Beacon Private School who’s vision and mission resonated with me on many levels. I am now a proud mother, proud Learning Media Specialist and a proud member of the PTLA and I hope to bridge the gap between our parent community and our team here at Beacon Private School.