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Touch the Future

To enable our learners to touch the future, learning experiences will inspire and nurture their curiosity. Learners are engaged in an active process of inquiry and discovery where they work individually or in groups focusing on investigating an open question or problem to reach a conclusion that they must present or defend.


The BPS vision and mission lay the foundation for our curriculum design, delivery, learning and reflection.  All subject areas are linked through inquiry-based modules, which enable students to see the necessary connections within the curriculum. Where we value students’ voice, their interests are taken into account when planning meaningful learning engagements. We at BPS:

·      Nurture student passions and talents

·      Empower and value student voice and honor student choice

·      Increase motivation and engagement

·      Foster curiosity and a love for learning

·       Communicate with one another regarding learning beliefs, values, expectations, and experiences

·      Make research meaningful and foster strong research skills

·      Fortify the importance of asking good questions

·      Enable students to take ownership over their own learning and to reach their goals

·      Solve the problems of tomorrow in the classrooms of today


The faculty and staff at BPS work in close collaboration to plan and deliver an engaging curriculum to our young learners.