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BPS is committed to enhancing the intellectual and personal development of its students, equipping them with the passion for inquiry learning, ensuring academic excellence and preparing active responsible global citizens.


BPS is a future focused community where learning is based on inquiry to develop successful independent learners in an environment that harbors respect and responsibility, stimulates inquiry, creativity and innovation, fosters higher order thinking, and promotes collaboration and communication.


At BPS, all students are provided with equity learning experiences serving the needs, interests and learning styles of each child. And we are committed to helping each student to embrace learning as a lifelong quest. We:


  • Provide a challenging and engaging curriculum based on the Common Grounds Collaborative (CGC) approach
  • Encourage creativity and empower our learners to take part in the learning process and concretize their vision through implementing the inquiry based approach. The lifelong quest process is filled with opportunities to observe, explore, inquire, and create
  • Foster a school climate that is positive, safe, healthy and enjoyable
  • Acknowledge the readiness, learning styles, needs and development of each learner
  • Provide diverse strategies so each learner reaches his/her full potential as an autonomous, creative and critical thinker
  • Implement a multi-lingual program (Arabic/English or English/French for non-Arab students) where students will be able to take responsibility for their learning under the leadership of competent educators
  • Develop an active partnership and positive constructive relationship with parents, educational and non-educational communities in Bahrain