Beacon Private School


Our school’s Fun Fair was a lively gathering brimming with laughter and excitement, offering a delightful array of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Explore It Fiesta!

Our school's Explore It Fiesta was a colorful and dynamic event, showcasing the talents and traditions of our students through interactive displays and lively performances.

Chess Tournament!

Our school's Chess Tournament was a thrilling battle of minds, where students showcased their strategic prowess and sportsmanship in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

National Day Celebration!

Our school celebrated Bahrain National Day with vibrant festivities, celebrating our nation's culture, history, and collective spirit.

Islamic Art Exhibition!

Our school's recent Islamic art exhibition showcased the beauty and cultural depth of this rich artistic heritage, uniting learners and visitors in a celebration of creativity.

Poem in my Pocket Day!

Engaging in the joy of words, our school marked 'Poem in My Pocket Day' with enthusiasm, encouraging learners to share their favorite poems and celebrate the power of language.

Breakfast Gathering!

Our recent Breakfast Gathering united our school community over a shared morning meal, strengthening the bonds among learners and faculty.

Children's Day!

Laughter echoed through the halls as our school celebrated Children's Day, a celebration honoring the happiness and enthusiasm of our wonderful learners.

Winter Concert

Our school's Winter Concert was a harmonious celebration, where learners' musical talents shone brightly, bringing warmth and joy to all who attended.

Wings of Hope

The Wings of Hope initiative seeks to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. Raising awareness and helping lives!

Mental Health Awareness

A presentation was held at our school aiming to give our learners useful resources to help their well-being.

International Day of Peace!

At Beacon Private School we believe that students become confident independent learners.